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If you are looking for a live sports streaming platform, then must be your destination. It is one of the most extensive online viewership services stream sports like the NFL, NBA, UFC, Football, and more.

There are several such apps and websites available, but most are currently inactive or have some limitations due to country restrictions. This article will let you know how you can watch it from anywhere, including the United States, and also see whether it is a safe platform.


If you search streameast, you will find multiple results related to its prefix i.e., streameast, but you don’t need to confuse it because all such domains are governed by the same. The difference is that few of them are like social media platforms where one can drop live link footage, comment, provide live feeds, or such.

The best part of this channel is that you can access unlimited sports and live action on the paid version. However, most of the live streaming is available on an open platform. Still, if you want to stream certain sports like F1, NCAA basketball, or regional tournament, you will get access to that by paying a certain amount.

Get Pro Version

The “Get Pro Version” of available on a monthly package; the details are as follows:

1 Month$6.99 | Save 0%
2 Months$12.99 | Save 7%
3 Months$17.99 | Save 14%
4 Months$22.99 | Save 18%
5 Months$27.99 | Save 20%
6 Months$31.99 | Save 24%
12 Months$59.99 | Save 30%

All payments will be made via cryptocurrency only; several options for crypto payment are available separately. Once you choose the package plan, you will get the wallet address with the amount information.

How to access live streaming?

The process is simple, and please follow the below steps:

  • Visit the website
  • After visiting, you will find a register option in the top left corner
  • Just enter your email and set a password
  • Then a link will be sent to your mail-id for verification. Click that and activate your profile account
  • If you want a pro subscription, then read the information given in the above subheading and compare the package.

What all sports can you watch?

  • NFL
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • UFC
  • Boxing
  • Formula 1
  • CFB


  • Unlimited live streaming service
  • Pro package service available
  • Access to all American sports live stream
  • It can be accessed through any smart devices
  • The live stream is also possible in low bandwidth internet connection; just set the resolution to a minimum


  • Only available to American continent users; however, one can use VPN to access it
  • Live updates, feeds, and multi-stream-like features are available on the pro package only
  • Payment can only be made via crypto

What are the user reviews?

As per our research, most viewers are happy that they found at least one channel that streams all American sports live. Overall, if we talk about all the other family channels of Streameast, including,, and,, and others are easy to access and free to watch.

Is it a safe platform?

Per our analysis and user feedback, we can say that it’s a safe platform to watch your favorite sports live. Until now, no such complaints or issues have been found, but we will suggest choosing a verified and branded platform with the rights to stream it.


Hence, one point is that you can try to watch your favorite sports live. Multiple channels from the same name are available, so watching them before entering the correct domain is better. Please let us know your thoughts and share your experience in the comment section below.

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