Rbxdemon | Collect Robux & Redeem Promocodes (2023)

Is this the first time you have heard about rbxdemon? If so, check out this article for all the information. We are sure it will help you, and especially if you are a game enthusiast, you must give our writing a look.

It is one of the many websites that can offer Robux free of cost to all of its users. This is what the website claims, and our article is an endeavor to shed light on how far it is true. 

About Rbxdemon

We know you are tired from claiming Robux. Your frustrations must have led you to look for websites that offer it without imposing charges. If that is the case, then rbxdemon is the website for your needs. As mentioned above, you can collect free Robux on this platform and enjoy the online game used to buy your favorite game items.

It is the only way you can have the best time playing Roblox. However, to collect the free tokens, you must play a few games, answer some quizzes, and watch a few videos. After completing it, the said website shall send the Robux to your profile..


  • Aim of the website: To offer Robux to those who follow the steps, free of charge
  • How to use: play games, answer quizzes, etc.
  • Benefits: Collect 10% through referrals 
  • Live Customer support is available
  • Customer reviews: Unavailable on the website 
  • Customer support available on Discord 
  • Contact details: Unavailable
  • Email address: Could not be found
  • Social media platforms: Not linked to any social media
  • No association with Roblox.

Steps to collect Robux

  • Click on the green button “get free access” on the homepage.
  • Type in your username, and click on “Link Roblox Profile.”
  • Then click on “yes” to verify the account you have entered. The collected Roblox shall be sent to this account.
  • On the “Earn Robox” page, select one of the three options to carry on with the tasks.
  • A list of functions shall appear with different offer amounts. Click on one of the tasks.
  • Always read the instructions that appear on the page.
  • You can either continue with this list or go back to the previous page to choose another list.
  • For example, if you choose “Best tasks,” a list shall appear.
  • Choose one of the tasks and enter your correct details to collect the tokens.
  • If you go back and choose the third option, “Easy Tasks,” then ensure that you use a phone or tablet.
  • Select an app from the list that appears and install it from the App Store.
  • Then go to the main page, “E@rned Robux,” to check the token received.
  • Then choose the “withdraw Robux” option. 
  • Enter the amount and click on “withdraw.”
  • A pop-up to join a group shall open.
  • Click on the join group option.
  • It shall take you to the Roblox page, where you can check the amount.
  • Then again, click on the join group option on the page.
  • Verify that you are a human user.
  • Then go to the rbxdemon page and click on the option asking whether you have joined the group. 
  • It will show that you have completed the withdrawal.
  • Then revisit the Roblox page, and reload it to view the final received tokens.

What are the advantages of rbxdemon?

  • Users get to win free robox.
  • It claims to provide the utmost safety and security as it does not ask for any further details.
  • The platform also offers the best Robux deals, which are higher than others.
  • They do not make use of hacked or stolen tokens.
  • After a user requests withdrawal, the amount immediately gets transferred to their account without delay.
  • You can refer it to your friends all your life and keep on enjoying the 10% share from their tokens.
  • With their Discord services, you can get in touch with their customer support anytime. 

What are the limitations of rbxdemon?

  • It does not offer any mode of communication with the website.
  • The website’s structure is amateur, and many users might be unable to trust it.
  • It is an inauthentic source of collecting tokens which might be considered illegal.
  • On YouTube, they have mentioned holding tokens for five days before releasing them to the user’s account.
  • For the “Easy Tasks,” users have to choose a phone or tablet, which makes it inconvenient for some as they have to switch.

What are the users saying about it?

As mentioned above, users reviews cannot be found on the website. It contains only the basic information that tells users how to use it. It is a significant drawback that has even stopped many users from opting for it. However, certain third-party websites have referred to it as a fake platform. They consider it as one that is present to scam the users. However, these sources cannot be trusted.

However, many reviews can be found on their YouTube channel, which are primarily favorable. They even respond to the comments on this page. Many users have thanked the site for offering them free Robux. Some have even mentioned that despite having doubts, they went for it and were not disappointed. 

Some users have mentioned that it was a waste of time. One commented that he had been waiting for two weeks to withdraw, but it wasn’t helpful. Other users have commented that accessing it through a tablet was difficult and suggested making it easier for such devices. 

But to sum up, the majority of the comments are positive, which testify to the website’s functionality. Some have even thanked the platform for offering tutorial videos and making it easier for users. 

Is rbxdemon legit?

Even though it offers Robux illegally and might be a little risky, the reviews it has received are primarily favorable. These customer testimonials testify to the authenticity of the website. Firstly, the platform does not charge any money or subscription fees to access it. Secondly, it does not ask for personal details or store any information that could put it at risk. Therefore, there is no risk in using the website, as per our own experience and analysis. 


Rbxdemon is a site that people are aware of and is known for offering robox for free. It has been constructive, especially for game enthusiasts. Users are, therefore, advised to go through the tutorial videos before using them. We hope our review helped you, and if so, please drop your comments in the section below.

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