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Here we are yet again to review By the name itself, you must have gotten the idea that this site has something to do with Robux. Now you must have all the details about Roblox and Robux. Getting free Robux in today’s era has become a hassle. 

Those who have a great experience with are constantly looking for ways to buy cheaper Robux or cab-free Robux. Pro Robux is one such site.

What is

It is a third-party website that claims to provide free Robux to users. Providing free Robux gives the user specific tasks to perform. If you have completed the job correctly, it will provide a free Robux. It is a united states based website.

These tasks may include earning Robux by watching a video, and you can follow some surveys and give an honest answer, then pro Robux will provide Robux. You can also make a video promoting prorobux on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, and you might earn a good amount of Robux.

One can refer a friend to use this website to get free Robux, and any time the friend uses or earns through this website, you might get a commission. By entering promotion codes, you can participate in giveaways and buy Robux for cheaper rates. 

How to redeem Robux earned from prorobux into a Roblox account?

For cashing out your earned Robux, you have to follow a guide which is mentioned below-

  • Open on your desired search engine. 
  • There are diverse options to earn Robux. 
  • You can earn it by doing tasks like watching a video, making a video, entering into giveaways, referring your friend, using promotional codes, and more. 
  • When you have collected your desirable amount of Robux, it will be displayed in your dashboard. 
  • Enter your genuine Roblox username. 
  • Now go to the dashboard.
  • Enter the amount of Robux you want to withdraw.
  • Click on withdraw option. 
  • Your earned Robux is transferred to your Roblox official account.

Is it safe to use prorobux com?

As per our analysis, prorobux is a third-party website, and these websites are illegal. Roblox has already warned its users that their accounts will be suspended if they find any suspicious activities on any user’s account. 

And as this is an illegal website, we wouldn’t recommend it to our readers. It can land you in great trouble, so instead, play safe. Roblox is a fun application, and don’t ruin your Roblox history by using these websites. 

Is it a legit website?

Whenever we are reviewing any third-party websites, this is a most awaited section for our readers. Now talking about, we have dug into the internet to analyze and give our verdict about the website. From our source of information, we found this site to be suspicious.

And to prove our verdict, we will highlight a few points-

  • The trust score is critically low. 
  • There are lots of negative reviews about the website.
  • It is a new domain to be trusted. 
  • We couldn’t get any social media presence. 
  • The website is not opening now. 

Personal experience using prorobux

For better reviews about the website, we try to use and check whether any portal is a scam or not. Similarly, we tried to fetch some Robux using the prorobux site. We want to elaborate on our experience to our readers for better understanding. 

When we tried to open on google chrome. The first thing we observed was that the page was not found on the internet. We thought it might not be available at our location Hence, we connected VPN. But again, the same thing was displayed on our screen. This experience itself made us suspicious. 

We would not recommend it to our readers and gamers as it is a third-party website. And these websites may land you in great nuisance.

What do players say about prorobux?

The internet is filled with information, but finding accurate information about third-party websites is quite a task. As for, we fetched quite a few reviews from the internet, which stated that this is a suspicious site.

Although some reviews were positive, we find it fishy because doing a false review is not a big deal. And none of the websites claiming to give free Robux is sponsored by, and it also doesn’t provide you with Robux. So, stay away from such scams. Instead, you can try some legitimate sources to get Robux. 


We are wrapping up our article. is undoubtedly not the right website for you. As mentioned earlier, you can try some legitimate sources like Microsoft rewards, giveaways from your favorite Roblox YouTube creators, and so on. There are lots of options where you can quickly get Robux for free, or it can be cheaper to buy. We wish our reader’s good luck. We hope you can get free Robux from other genuine sources. This site is suspicious; hence stay away. 

If we missed any information, do let us know in the review section beneath.

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