Bloxearn | Hourly Giveaways, Redeem Promocodes [Jan 2023]

Getting Robux is one of the best things for any Roblox fan; bloxearn is the platform that provides you with uncounted Robux. But what’s the fact, and is it safe to use this website? Let’s find out in this article.

Also, we have included our experience with this website, revealing its actuality. We have detailed all the steps and tips in the below segment. Please read the full article for maximum information.

About bloxearn

Before the fact checks, let’s discuss the site and how it works. Have you thought about why such platforms eagerly allow giveaways, trial promocodes, and other benefits? It’s straightforward they work on a win-win situation like they buy Robux, promotional codes, Gift cards, and other gaming benefits in return for their advertisement and marketing on their site.

The website works in three simple steps signup, collect Robux, and withdraw it. There are some stats which is also available on their website which are:

  • Website launched: 2019
  • Users: 2B+
  • Robux drawn: More than 1.8 B
  • Stock available: More than 45k

They also have social media accounts on YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram. Primarily, items like giveaways and promocodes they announce and provide updates via their social media handle only. Although this website also gives you a chance to collect Robux by referring it to your friends.

What is the process to get Robux from bloxearn?

Follow the below simple steps:

  • First, sign up and create a profile.
  • Then you will see a task board where you will find multiple levels of tasks which may include low difficulties to high, including watching videos for a particular time, downloading the app and games and playing it or qualifying to certain levels, or signing up and registering to any website.
  • As per your comfort, choose any options; for more clarity and details, you can also visit their YouTube channel or watch the video available on the site itself.
  • Then Visit your original Roblox gaming profile’s server section and follow the updated method to redeem the collected Robux from that provided server.
  • Remember, as per the site, you might get the rewards within 3-5 days. By the way, then collect the Robux and use it as usual.

What are the user reviews?

To identify any website or product, it is essential to read the user comments, and luckily, Bloxearn has multiple feedback in the comment section of its YouTube channel. We found mixed reactions from the users. Most of them are happy that they found this platform and successfully redeemed Robux many times.

A few comments show they failed to collect Robux, and one user commented that he could not collect and redeem it even after several attempts. Similarly, this is the experience we have faced during our process to get Robux.

Is the website safe to use?

Based on specific facts and research, we can say that users can try this Bloxearn without any hesitation because it requires only the username of the players, and you need to follow their process. It is a survey-based platform, so you must complete the survey process.


Hence, after analyzing the user comments, process, and self-experience, we can say that players can try this platform. This article mentions all the details for a quick answer; please read the FAQ section below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the Robux without any survey?

No, you have to complete it. However, you can choose more to the less time-consuming survey.

How many ways are there to get Robux via Bloxearn?

There is a total of 4 ways: Offer walls, giveaways, Tasks, and by referrals.

What if my Robux didn’t appear in my profile?

Per the site, it may take 3 to 5 days to reflect in your profile for redemption.

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